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Welcome to Pathfinders 

Enjoy backpacking? Biking? Canoeing? Caving? Camping? Want to be an active young Christian on an adventure with friends who love Jesus? Then join Pathfinders. Club members enjoy club meetings, camping, and service adventures designed to develop Christ-like citizens. 

Youth Discovering Their World and Themselves

 With Pathfindering, one can:

*   Learn Christian values
*   Develop self-discipline
*   Make friends
*   Enjoy safe and exciting adventures
*   Learn what teamwork is all about
*   Prepare for church and community responsibilities
*   Cultivate courage, self-reliance, honesty, loyalty, & kindness
*   Acquire hobbies and skills
*   Learn under the guidance and association of mature Christian Counselors
*   Grow in an atmosphere of love and acceptance
*   Discover their world and themselves 

 The Pathfinder Club is a worldwide organization that is sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Over 30,000 clubs operate in more than 120 countries around the world. Any youth in grades 5-10 who promises to abide by the Pathfinder Pledge and Law can join a Pathfinder Club.

What is the Pathfinders Pledge & Law

The Pathfinder Pledge & Law is an important part of Pathfinders. Thousands of Pathfinders each year learn and choose to abide by the requirements of the Pathfinder Pledge and Law for the sole purpose of growing closer to their fellow men and women, and to their Creator.

Want to join our Pathfinders & Adventures Club

The Greenville South Carolina Pathfinder Club 

We meet most Wednesdays from 6:30 pm until 8:00 pm in the Family Life Center at 1704 East North Street in Greenville SC. Anyone is welcome to come by and check out a meeting. Our meetings begin with Pledges and Law reciting followed with a devotional and song. We then take a few minutes to complete that week’s class work before we fall in for marching and drilling. After a few minutes, we begin or complete work on an honor. An honor can be anything from model rocket building to studying about spiders. We then meet together at attention to receive announcements and to learn about forthcoming events. We also perform community service activities such as food collection for the needy, visitation at nursing homes and helping someone that is in need. We go on camping trips, march in parades, go snow skiing, go hiking and to camporees. We strive to have fun learning about God’s world and learning things that we will need to be happy and successful in life. We work with parents and teachers to coordinate our activities whenever possible. As leaders, we believe that our Pathfinder’s are very important. We appreciate your trust and help as we teach them to love the Lord and others.

Pathfinders are divided in classes by grade.
Friends (5th Grade)  New Requirements
Companion (6th Grade) New Requirements
Explorer (7th Grade) New Requirements
Ranger (8th Grade) New Requirements
Voyager (9th Grade)  New Requirements
Guide (10th Grade)  New Requirements
Master Guide (11-12 Grades)

Reading Certificate Assigmnets
(all links for the Reading Certificate obtained through vathomas)

Uniform Guidelines
Text       Picture

Year Calendar (Updated as necesary. Last update 8/31/11)
Pathfinders' Song Lyrics
Pathfinders' Song Music   (choose language desired)
Pathfinders' Aim & Moto 
Pathfinders' Pledge & Law
Pathfinders' Pledge to Flag & Bible

Pathfinder's History

Reading Requirements
Patriarchs & Prophets by Ellen G. White
The Happy Path by Lawrence Maxwell (not the complete book)
Early Writtings by Ellen G. White
EGW First Vision-Second Coming
Battle of the Bull Run- General info
EGW Battle of the Bull Run Statement (1 Testimonies Chapter 5 pages 255-268)
The History of Reformation- Read The great Controversy.  Many different chapters with tons of info
J.N.Andrews History (White Estates)      J.N. Andrews History (Adventist Heritage Ministry)
Roger Williams History
Sojourner Truth History
Martin Luther Jr. History (some videos)
Vegetarianism- E.G.W Ministry of Healing    Vegetarianism- General View/Wikipedia
History of Adventism- in a nutshell
Adventist Pioneers
AY Encounter Series I: Christ the way
AY Encounter Series II: Christ the church      Acts of the Apostles    Great Controversy     Online Bible

If you have any questions, would like more information or would like to come to a meeting, please contact us at

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Staff :
Friends Class Curriculum (revised 2004)
Companion Class Curriculum (revised 2004)
Explorer Class Curriculum (revised 2004)
Explorer Class/Spiritual Discovery/ Scripture IB
Ranger Class Curriculum (revised 2004)
Voyager Class Curriculum (revised 2004)
Guide Class Curriculum (revised 2004)
Extreme Youth Resources International

President's Challenge Requirements
TLT Manual
TLT Forms: Application, Recomendation
TLT Evaluation Sheets: admin eval, camp eval, classwor eval, counsel eval, finan eval, outreach eval
Knots tying resource